Shenzhen Hanhua is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou Kanronics, a high-tech enterprise established in cooperation with the School of Materials, Tsinghua Shenzhen Graduate School.
In 2018, Shenzhen HanHua cooperates with School of Materials, Tsinghua University to conduct research. The production of ultra-high thermal conductivity, high flexibility, and low-density graphene fiber thermal interface materials breaks through the shortage of traditional high thermal interface materials and solves the bottleneck of traditional thermal interface materials for China's 5G terminal product thermal management solutions.
Shenzhen Hanhua R&D team started in-depth research and development on the application of graphene materials, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers and other carbon materials in thermal interface materials in 2015;
Shenzhen HanHua is fully committed to the design, production, and technical services of thermal management solutions, new thermal conductive materials, thermal diffusion materials, and thermal modules.
National High-tech Enterprise
50 Patents
100+ Researchers
Polyurethane(Si-free) Thermal Pad
HAZ series thermal pads use polyurethane substrates and do not contain silicone oil. They are suitable for use in closed environment...
Low Volatile Thermal Pad
Low volatile thermal pad has the characteristics of low volatility, also have good elasticity, compressibility, flexibility, insulation...
General-purpose Silicone Thermal Pad
HS series thermal pads have good elasticity, compressibility, flexibility, insulation, and natural tackiness on the surface...
Smartphone Applications
New Energy Vehicle Applications
PV InverterApplications
The performance and operation method of thermal grease
Thermal grease, also known as thermal grease, plays a role in heat dissipation and heat conduction. Suitable for use in ...
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of several common thermal conductive materials
What are the common thermal conductive materials? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Graphene is the best heat dissipation material in the 5G era?
my country's thermal conductivity field started late. Since high-end product technology is still monopolized in a few companies such ...
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